Dedicated to public health and environment

Biosorb ®

Retrieving Heavy Metals From Water

An affordable and reliable industrial solution, offering compliance with the most restrictive discharge standards and the recovery of valuable metals with optimal yields on the Heavy Metals.


Measuring the Radioactive Contamination of the Environment

An independent and government accredited laboratory for radiological measurement

Expertise & Services

To go beyond the simple measurement

To understand and analyze the pollution and the involved risks in order to support operators in their risk and staff management and to assist them in their administrative procedures


Serving Public Health and the Environment

PearL is an innovative company which values its expertise in the fields of natural radioactivity and metal pollution to measure their presence and prevent their impact on humans and the natural environment.

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PearL is located at Ester technopole, in Limoges (France)

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ZAC de la technopôle

20, rue Atlantis

87068 Limoges Cedex


+33 (0)5 55 43 69 95

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