A bio-based product 
from recycling wood & flax

Biosorb®, is 100% from natural origin, 
produced from tree barks and flax noils


Biosorb® production


French produced

French origin products

Biosorb : fabrication française


Fabrication de Biosorb : traitement des eauxFabrication Biosorb flèche


Integration in
a non-woven fabric

Fabrication de Biosorb : integration dans un non-tisséFabrication Biosorb flèche


Activation by
a Greentech process
Fabrication de Biosorb : activation des écorces par un procédé GreentechFabrication Biosorb flèche

of barks

Fabrication de Biosorb : broyage des écorces

Imitating nature 
to protect the environment

  • Trees, over time, have developed a natural self protection from external aggression through their bark.
  • Pollutants attach themselves naturally on the bark by Ion exchange and/or chelation, depending on the nature of the elements to trap.


The Biosorb® technology uses and augments this property and
offers you a 100% natural origin method
to recover dissolved metals in effluents, even at the trace level.