Biosorb®, a sober technology
easy to implement

From the project study and sizing of your project
up to the implementation and use of our technology


Biosorb®, how does it work?

  • The water to be treated goes through a stack of Biosorb® mats, via gravity or positive drain
  • In the case of the gravity flow, no energy is needed; the treatment is passive
  • Biosorb® technology requires no chemical products
  • The servicing, maintenance and monitoring are kept to the strict minimum


Waste & Disposal

  • Unlike the other technologies, Biosorb® generates no sludge or liquid waste.
  • By-products are limited to the Biosorb® mats, which have the advantage of a low density once drained
  • Saturated Biosorb® mats can be disposed of in Class 1 landfills or incinerated.
  • Metals of value are easily retrieved when incinerated (by its natural fibers constitution, incineration of Biosorb® mats produces very little ashes).


For Biosorb®, simplicity is also in order
during the study phase

With a five liters sample of your waters to be treated,
we validate the feasibility and performance of our technology  
and we recommend you an adapted comprehensive treatment



  • In our lab we process and analyze your waters to enable sizing of the processing.
  • We advise you on a comprehensive solution to cut costs and improve processing efficiency.
  • We test the adopted solution with a pilot on site or we directly implement an industrial installation.