The Biosorb® innovation: a biosorbant mat made from tree barks designed to trap heavy metals in water

Decontamination of Effluent Waters – Recycling of Critical and Precious Metals

The affordable and effective industrial solution, originating from PearL’s R&D and protected by 4 patents



Application areas







Biosorb® enables processing costs reduction
while assuring compliance with the most restrictive standards for your discharges



Our technology is a substitute to part or all of the existing processes
(Physical-Chemical, IX Resins ) and/or as a finishing process



Optimal yields are obtained of  trace elements,
from about 10 mg per liter to less than 5 μg per liter.

A wide range of pollutants treated…

Pollutants treated by Biosorb



Nowadays, Biosorb® has proved its effectiveness
on many metal compounds

The responsiveness of our organization allows us to analyze any specific issue
and consider developments if the issue is established

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