Site controls

Assessment and control of the sources and incidence
of mining dewatering and polluted sites

On-site sampling – Measurements – Advice and support



PearL monitors sites under mining impact by relying on


More than 20 years  in the field of radioactivity


More than 20 years
in this field of expertise

PearL assure les prélèvements sur site


The relevent choice of the monotoring locations
for wich PearL itself manages the samplings

Mesure et suivi de site radioactivité


The analysis carried out
in its own laboratory


The impact of the former uranium mine sites is most tangible in the water collected downstream of the site and in the sediments deposited in the nearby retention basins receiving these waters.


Depending on the purpose of these retention basins, monitoring can be set on different vectors and keypoints of the site (a beach or a fishing area for example) :


  • Collection and analysis of the formed sediments (underwater),
  • Collection and analysis of the forming sediments through particle traps,
  • Collection and analysis of the water,
  • Analysis of fish…


PearL relies on its experience and its knowledge of the naturally radioactive decay chains phenomenas, for the interpretation and understanding of the analysis
and the advice and support for the site owners.