The know-how and an analysis laboratory for the monitoring of radioactive and environmental contaminations

20 years of experience in the measurement of radioactivity

Radiological water analysis  – Sanitary control of water – Metal analysis




Pictogramme mesure radioactivité naturelle


PearL, 20 years of experience and know-how in the radioactivity expertise & measurements, and especially natural radioactivity


Strong skills


resulting from the outsourcing of activities carried out by the university and the CNRS within the Center for the Study and Measurement of Nuclear Radiation and Dosimetry.


A significant know-how


enabling PearL to carry both field interventions, analysis, their exploitation and interpretation for the control and monitoring of the sites.

Mesure de radioactivité independante


Independence, the guarantee for reliability and impartiality…

PearL operates with complete freedom for the State, local communities, 
environmental protection groups, manufacturers, private individuals



For monitoring and analysis


Risks of exposure

chronic or accidental, of workers or the population.


Environments to protect

such as catchments, lakes, rivers, ponds…


Contaminated sites

under mining and/or industrial influences.

Measurements conducted in our lab

In addition to the preliminary samples before testing (water, solids and bioindicators), PearL also carries out the following measurements.


Global Alpha/Beta activity, tritium, uranium, radium, polonium, natural gamma emitters, radon, total Indicative Dose (ID)…

Solids / Bio-indicators

Natural gamma emitters from the soil, sediments, plants…

Site control

Impact of mining operations, rehabilitation of former operations…

Radon in air

By Solid Nuclear Trace
Detectors (CR39), continuously

Radon screening

In buildings, places open to the public and workplaces (N1A, N1B)


Gamma flow measurement, soil exhalation…

We work on issues related to natural or environmental radioactivity,
on all types of matrixes: soils, mud, sand, sediments, plants, fruits and vegetables, water (groundwater, effluents, …), fauna (fish, …)


The equipment and the analysis techniques were chosen according to this orientation
and extremely low detection limits are made possible.


The list of measures PearL practices is not exhaustive and is regularly evolving.
We invite you to get in touch for more information.

Approvals and accreditations


Approvals and accreditations


Water measurements
and their sampling


Agrément et accréditation de PearL : Cofrac


COFRAC Accreditation
n° 1-1715 Section Essais
Visible on


Water sanitary control radioactivity analysis


Agrément et accréditation de PearL : Ministère de la santé


Approval from the Ministry of Health


Environmental radioactivity measurements
and radon screening


Agrément et accréditation de PearL : ASN


French Nuclear Authority
ASN Approval 
Visible on The ASN website