Sanitary control of water

PearL is approved by the General Health Authority (DGS)
to practice radiological measurements on water intended for consumption



What is sanitary control of water ?

In France, drinkable water is subject to a strict and permanent monitoring ensuring its healthiness in relation with its consumption. This monitoring records the microbiological quality, nitrates, lead, pesticides, … and its radiological quality.

Pearl is involved with the drinking water radioactivity measurements. The radiological quality of water is assessed through radionuclides (natural or artificial) presence detectors.


Radiological control of water

Per regulation, the radiological control of water requires 

  • The measurement of global Alpha and Beta activity,
  • The measurement of tritium activity,
  • The measurement of radon activity and
  • The calculation of the Total Indicative Dose (TID) when one of the above measurement is exceeded


PearL, in its lab, performs 
all of these measurements.


PearL acts as co-contractor or sub-contractor with analysis labs who take care of the measurements for the classical sanitary control of water (microbiology, nitrates, lead, pesticides, …). Our customers are resource operators (often town halls) via the Regional Health Agencies (ARS).


PearL carries approvals from the Ministry of Health regarding the measurements for sanitary control of water. Within this framework, all our measurement are accredited by the COFRAC.



Our accreditation & approvals

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