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Cofrac Accreditation

PearL est accrédité par le Cofrac pour le dépistage du radon dans l'airPearL has got a COFRAC accreditation for radon detection in the air

Among its activities, PearL provides regulatory radon detection in air.

This measurement of radon concentration in buildings is compulsory for public facilities (Day nurseries, schools, hospitals, retirement homes, thermal baths, …) and the subterranean workplaces. PearL has an agreement from the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) for these measurements (Levels N1A and N1B)

Thinking ahead of the evolutions of what is required from laboratories, we decided to included radon measurement in air in our COFRAC accreditations.

The accreditation covers the procurement of the dosimeters (which we manufacture and distribute) as well as their measurements (also performed in our laboratory). We are one of the only two laboratories in France with such a COFRAC accreditation.

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