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New application for Biosorb® : Quick on-site depollution

New application for Biosorb® : Quick on-site depollution

Three months only after beginning the industrial version of Biosorb®, PearL’s innovative – Barks based – metal dissolved in water trapping solution, on the market has found another previously unsuspected use : On-site treatment of liquid residues laden with heavy metals.


Initially developed for the mining industry and the treatment of heavy metal laden industrial effluents, the biosorbent Biosorb® mat was able to decontaminate in a few hours a contaminated liquid residue, directly on the demolition site, thus avoiding a costly treatment in an approved center.


The Serpol company has been the first to enable PearL to prove the performance and added value of Biosorb® for this use. The decontamination company was facing, as a consequence of an urban demolition, the evacuation of several cubic meters of residue water containing traces of nickel, chrome and copper.

Cédric Gourvès, Deputy Director for Serpol’s sites depollution agency :


« To be responsive and innovative when bringing a satisfying answer to our clients, is what brought us to request PearL at the last minute, when faceing this critical situation. This enabled us to test the relevance of  Biosorb® and its capacity to trap metals and allow sending the effluents in the city’s network »

He wasn’t disappointed by the results : The on-site treatment of the polluted water simply flowing through stacked Biosorb mats in a 1 cubic meter container allowed for a reduction by a factor of ten the cost of this operation, while being able to conform with regulatory requirements.



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