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Our team is growing

Nathalie Lopez, Responsable développement de PearL

Having worked in industrial environments for over 25 years, Nathalie Lopez joined PearL in the beginning of June in order to lead the commercial development of Biosorb®, an innovation dedicated to the clearing of water and the recycling of strategic metals, created from the company’s R&D.


Trained in chemical engineering, Nathalie has worked during 12 years on operational and functional missions regarding risks and environment in engineering, and later as Environmental/Security supervisor in an industrial group. Since 2000, her experience and professional network are contributing to the development of GreenTechs and eco-companies.


“I was literally won over by the relevance of Biosorb® (biosorbent mats made from tree bark to capture metals dissolved in water). Its efficiency and simplicity to use will certainly solve many environmental issues so far unresolved in sustainable technical and commercial conditions. This is why I did not hesitate to join this start-up and take up this new challenge. As I have been guiding and following the development of CleanTechs and GreenTechs for years, I am convinced that Biosorb® is a genuine ground-breaking and very promising technology…”


David Delage, technicien à PearL

In the same time, David Delage, a seasoned laboratory professional, also with an industrial background, has just joined PearL’s technical and scientific team in order to strengthen the laboratory team, which is in full expansion both in respect to historical activities and the new developments.