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PearL acquires an ICP-MS

PearL mesure la concentration des métaux dans les solides et les liquides grâce à son ICPMS

With its ICPMS, PearL measures the concentration of metals in solids and liquids.

Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) is a measurement technique allowing metal detection, and also some non-metallic elements, in very low concentration levels.


PearL equipped its lab with an ICP-MS in order to answer quickly and precisely to clients requests regarding the Biosorb® technology. Indeed, with Biosorb®, the reduction of heavy metals dissolved in water is extremely high, in other words, the concentration of contaminants in water after Biosorb® treatement is very low. Our ICP-MS allows for measurement lower than 1 µg / l (1 ppb) on frequently encountered elements such as cadmium, lead, nickel, mercury, precious metals or even uranium.


More than what it brings to Biosorb®, this machine allows us today to offer new services in order to address the wider environmental pollution issues rather than just the radiological one.