Accreditations, approvals and quality

The guarantee of our performance and professionalism


Accreditations & Approvals

The bulk of our laboratory’s activities benefits from COFRAC accreditations, and approvals from the Ministry of Health and the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN).

Periodically, we extend their reach in order to always give the best quality services.


Measurement of water
and its samplings


Agrément et accréditation de PearL : Cofrac


COFRAC Accreditation
n° 1-1715 Section Essais


> Water sampling

> Global alpha/beta activity

> Tritium activity

> Isotopes of Uranium

> Radium 226 – Radium 228

> Polonium 210

> Lead 210

> Radon 222 in water and air


Accreditations reach visible on


Radioactivity analysis of 
the sanitary control of water


Agrément et accréditation de PearL : Ministère de la santé


Approval from
the Ministry of Health


> Radioactivity analysis of 
the sanitary control of water


Environmental radioactivity
and radon detection measurements


Agrément et accréditation de PearL : ASN


Approval from
the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN)


> Measurements of the environmental radioactivity
> Measurements of radon in facilities opened to the public, workplaces and subterraneans facilites (N1A et N1B levels)


View on the ASN website


ISO 17025, PearL’s quality standard

ISO 17025 is an international standard specifying the general requirements in regards with the calibration and testing laboratories skills.


This norm, regarding the analysis and testing laboratories, is the frame of reference used during the accreditation audits. The quality system of the ISO 17025 accredited laboratories is based on the ISO 9001 norms.


In France, COFRAC gives accreditations on the demand from the testing and analysis laboratories according to this norm, with extended requirements defined in the LAB REF 02 Document.


This accreditation is a strong recognition of the technical and organizational skills. For all of its services, PearL makes its claims management procedure available to its customers, upon request.