PearL is an innovative company valorizing its expertise in the fields of 
environmental radioactivity and metal pollutions 
to measure their presence and prevent their impact on humans and the environment.


Products, a laboratory, an expertise

Historically focused on radioactivity measurements in different environments with a dedicated lab, PearL maintains its innovative dynamic by launching new products and services for the measurement and the treatment of environmental contaminations.


Biosorb® : trapping metals 
dissolved in water


Effluents treatment, decontamination of bodies of water and precious metal recovery through a 100% biosorbant natural bark based mat.



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20 years of experience in the measurement of radioactivity, sanitary control of water, advice and support



The laboratory


& Services


PearL is a totally independent actor in radiological measurements and expertise, regulatory radon detection and a seller of related detectors.



Expertise and service

A qualified team and appropriate means

  • A 150 sqm laboratory fitted with state-of-the-art measurement equipment
  • Strategic industrial partnerships for the development of innovative solutions
  • A common lab with the Limoges University for the R&D


PearL’s key dates

Concerns arising from radioactivity in the environment after the closing of Limousin uranium mining sites, fueled by a strong media support, initiates the need to call on a competent partner of unquestionable integrity for regional and local authorities.
Thus, it's within the University and the CNRS that, for more than ten years, the founders of PearL are going to develop the expertise, the know-how, the experience, the experimental and human potential to answer to the impact of natural radioactivity on the environment and the public health.

in academic research

The adventure starts


The high potential of the academically developed activities is instrumental to the creation of an innovative startup. PearL was born.

From 2006 to 2014, PearL pursues its natural radioactivity measurements and expertise activities, its core competence working for local authorities (Region, Departments, cities…) as well as for Public Institutions (ARS, DRIRE, CEA, SNCF…) and major corporations (Areva).

PearL develops new analysis techniques, builds itself an appropriate building and its own laboratory, launches new activities such as Radon detection, the selling of radon detectors environmental control with indoor air quality measurement.

Simultaneously, PearL carries on with its R&D working on two major projects : Biosorb® and X-rad.

Creation of PearL SAS


The year 2014 marks a turning point for PearL : Its two R&D project, Biosorb® and X-rad, come to fruition. Both are successful : the results are very positive, the IP is registered, the full size tests are conclusive. Industrialisation starts.

2014 is also the year for new strong skills to be integrated to PearL : new collaborators with industrial and business profiles complete the pioneering spirit of the start.

The industrialisation