Radiological expertise at the environmental level

Beginning in the mid 90’s in an academic setting, this historical activity for PearL relies on many years of experience and very strong skills

On-site sampling – Measurements and interpretation – Advice and support


At PearL, the radiological expertise
revolves around two main areas

Comprendre et analyser les pollutions radiologiques et les risques induits


To understand and analyse
radiological pollutions and generated risks

Accompagner les exploitants dans la gestion des risques et du personnel 

To support the industrial operator in risk management
of their workforce and their administrative procedures


Our offer

Radiological expertise is always done through an assessment of the pollution sources and exposition via

  • the analysis of the site’s background and the provided data and/or

  • additional analysis based on its lab measurements (water / air / grounds)


Data analysis enables, depending on the context to estimate the exposition impact on the public or the workers.


During the work phase, Pearl’s expertise can also be carried on setting up exposition recordsof the workers, the drafting of exposition cards, helping radiological monitoring of staff and of the environment, management of polluted grounds… with the availability of a Competent Radiological Protection Person (PCR, a specific status in France since 1967).


PearL helps withthe management and limitation of generated risks wether it is to reduce external exposition or one linked to radon in housing or professional buildings for example.


PearL can assist you for your administrative procedure and your correspondance with the administrations.


PearL is a totally independent actor
in the sensitive area of radiological measurements and expertise