Regulatory radon detection

PearL carries out the regulatory screening of radon and
operates all over France



What is Radon ?


Radon is a colorless and odorless natural radioactive gas.

Formed from soil and rocks based uranium. It can be found in many French regions.


Inhaled by humans, it is a main factor of lung cancers.


WHO classes it as carcinogenic to humans.

PearL carries out the regulatory screening of radon



More than 700 facilities screened since 2010

French regulation imposes to the Public Facilities (ERP : Day nurseries, schools, hospitals, retirement homes, thermal baths, …) and the workplaces, located in a risk area, to measure radon presence every ten years and/or after each major modification of a facility.


PearL’s Laboratory is certified by
the French Nuclear Safety Agency (ASN) for radon screening

Level N1A

Public Facilities (ERP) and
workplaces (according to regulations)

Level N1B

and underground facilities.