Radon detectors selling

EasyRad, PearL’s radon dosimeter,
can detect radon levels in buildings


EasyRad enables an integrated, reliable and representative, measurement
of the radon levels in buildings.

It addresses both professional and individual needs.

CR39 Technology

the most used in Europe technology for passive dosimeters

Meets regulations

in regards with radon detection regulations NF ISO 11665-4 et NF ISO 11665-8

Reliable and simple to use


Turnkey Kits

for individuals on www.sante-radon.com

Détecteur de radon easyRad vendu par PearL

The  EsyRad radon dosimeters are passive closed configuration Solid state Nuclear Track Detectors (SSNTD), giving them a great strength and reliability. It is so far the most reliable technology for radon measurements. Small, they are inconspicuous.


After being exposed to radon, the detector’s analysis is performed in our own laboratory.


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